samantha. 25. south of detroit, ontario.

I like to read books, write tiny stories, draw faces with one line, paint pictures of girls, and sew animals from old clothes.

i wish my hair was forever filtered by instagram.
my sticker is titled: “yo slow down yellow sports car at 10:45pm on a tuesday in july near detroit in between the two big oceans and the one up top”
bae caught me slippin 😭😎✨
i love you mr hat and clogs #bleach
hi qt lady tell me how to draw yr nose too #usps #label228 #feminineeffectsart #feminineeffectstag
have you ever painted over magazine ad models? it’s a fun way to practice painting smooth skin tones and recreating facial features. these are from like a year and a half ago but i think i’m going to make some more soon. the one on the right was my first attempt and it’s the opposite of smooth. i didn’t paint the eyes or teeth because i liked how creepy they looked; it’s like the model is wearing a mask of face paint. i had less frustrations with the one on the left, probably because the shadows were a lot more forgiving. i want to do some usps stickers in acrylics, but i’ve been on a watercolour kick and can’t even remember the last time i actually painted with acrylics. so i’m hoping this sort of exercise will help me get reacquainted with them. πŸ˜πŸŽ¨πŸ“š #feminineeffectsart
drums so punx
i’m sorry @ everyone ever. this usually happens in the 45 seconds between waking up, checking the time, and going back to sleep. i am a bad friend πŸ˜”
there’s a sign on the restaurant’s door that these eeeee’s are near that says, “closed due to car accident.” 😧

#downtown #windsorontario  (at Matryoshka the Taste of Russia)
i miss the cats i left behind at my parents’ two years ago :( oh god, chloe (pictured) is already 7 (we rescued her at 9 months) & gracie is 9! ahhh! #cat