samantha. 25. south of detroit, ontario.

I like to read books, write tiny stories, draw faces with one line, paint pictures of girls, and sew animals from old clothes.

so all that delay in getting the loom properly rulered out was so worth it. i’m really enjoying this. i don’t feel the need to be doing something else while weaving (ie watching tv, which is a pre-requiste for knitting and loom knitting.) maybe this will change as i get used to the motions, but right now i just really like watching the stitches (name?) come together. i feel like my blue plastic sewing needle for knitted projects is a dolphin jumping in and out of this blue and white ocean. i also feel like so far i’m weaving an image of a laundry basket. anyone else see that? haha i have a very small amount of this colour left (it was a tiny amount of yarn to begin with) so i’ll be switching to pink and white yarn that seems to be one yarn size up. yay experiments!! (ps the etsy blog has a tutorial [subpar to the one im following imo] that encourages wild creativity and play with cardboard looms. their finished project were these cool little wall hangings. they suggested using ribbon, rhinestone ribbon, beads (!!!) and even driftwood. im thinking it could be very possible to incorporate buttons as well. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!! if you’re interested in the links or rather how to google the links, i’ll throw them in the comments! 

#cardboardloom #loom #looming #weaving #diy
#knitting is hard to photograph in a dark cave apartment, but here’s my preemie knitting spree. @handspringmatt knit half of the leftside one while we watched house on netflix. ALSO HOUSE IS ON NETFLIX. ALL OF IT. 

i’ve been think i should make some chemo caps since my family has been affected by cancer (it took my mom’s youngest sister 1.5 months ago. she had just turned 48 between christmas & new years & had been battling for over ten years.) some of my very closest friends have recently lost parents as well. so it’s extremely close to home for me. preemie hats are quick and use up bits of yarn, but i dont know anyone on an intimate level who has had a baby (other than cousins.) once i finish what’s on the preemie loom i’ll look up patterns (i feel like they might be slightly different than just a normal loomed hat? i have no idea, but i’ll find out.) #chemocaps #fuckcancer #preemiehats #loomhats #preemiecaps #looming #loomknitting #loom
i guess i’m not seeing the blood moon tonight. cmon sky 😩 #eclipse  (at Parking Garage (Park & Pelissier, Windsor))
oh you know, just three rocks standing straight up by themselves. no big deal. #detroitriver #whatever #publicart #iguess?  (at Windsor Riverwalk)
last night i was part of this little talent show of sorts. i read one of my poems in front of a huge audience (60 or 70 people??) & displayed some of my paintings (they go all the way up this pillar thing). as i was gathering them up from around my apartment/peeling them off the walls (painter’s tape on the backs) i was looking at the dates & most were from 2008, 2010, & 2011. only one (the tiny green one) was recent (from like two months ago.) even the poem i read was from ~2010. what have i been doing ;/ (besides making little doodles like the green one & giving them away instantly to friends, which i love to do.) #artshow #poetryreading #talentshow #atmhc
#thecitytalksinwords #graffitiwisdom #graffiti #downtownwindsor
#thecitytalksinwords #graffitiwisdom #downtownwindsor #graffiti
filling my pillbox makes me feel old and/or like im giving out halloween candy: “one for you, one for you…” on and on fourteen times. i was thinking of doing this once weekly, letting each passing day empty until each slot is bare, but i’m sure i’d forget about it and start taking things wrong. sometimes i sleep in too late that it’s closer to the second dose time, or i fall asleep early and i miss the nighttime mood stabilizers and wale up with a buzzing head. so i usually leave yesterday empty, not filling it back up at the end of the day. this way i know that i swallowed what was there, and if things are still there, i know im behind, and why i feel the way i do. #mentalhealth #invisibleillness #bipolar
my new #silverware setup since there’s no drawer to store it in and the big plastic tray organizer they were in was taking up way too much space. like, food can actually be prepared on this counter /while/ not being used small appliances (eg toaster) don’t have to be moved to the floor. this apartment is really dumb, but this should make it more liveable. #kitchen 

PS I’m missing the blue mug from this set, so if any of you irl friends ever see it at a local thrift store can you please pick it up for me. I will pay you double the cost! possibly quadruple if it was only like 49c haha #srslythoplshelp
I really should have went to the hospital last night to get more fluids because I think I’m beyond dehydrated. crazy dizziness and buzzing ears started this morning. I haven’t puked yet today but I think it will happen soon. I hope I’ll be good enough to stand and not knock stuff over after today. I don’t know when my aunt’s funeral is. I keep thinking it’s so stupid to even give my flu/cold/whatever any attention or acknowledgement of its existence since she has been fighting cancer for almost a decade? I don’t know how people do it - how they keep their spirits up, how they let others around them feel sorry for them, how they bother to do anything. if I was given a diagnosis, I’d start digging my own grave and then cry because the ground is too frozen and my feet are too cold. I’m not a strong person and I’m terrified thinking about the next few days.