samantha. 25. south of detroit, ontario.

I like to read books, write tiny stories, draw faces with one line, paint pictures of girls, and sew animals from old clothes.

5 years ago today
 #timehop #nofilter #canons5is
matt river slushy #summerofnotsam
i live in this clothes-swapped h&m dress from marlaπŸ’•πŸ‘—& my $6 fake toms 😊 #wiwt #ootd #summerofnotsam
im excited for this 2012 #book because it has sweet illustrations that remind me of my old liney drawings. that’s the most self absorbed sentence ever 😳 #fearoffighting
matt & i went to the library and i got 5 novels because i haven’t read fiction (or finished a book) in over a year. every other book starting at the top is canadian πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ 
(uh it seems there still isn’t a maple leaf flag, so there’s our mom’s flag instead.)
#books (at Windsor Public Library)
out in the wild. #feminineeffectstag #label228 #uspslabel #sticker
i wish my hair was forever filtered by instagram.
my sticker is titled: “yo slow down yellow sports car at 10:45pm on a tuesday in july near detroit in between the two big oceans and the one up top”
bae caught me slippin 😭😎✨
i love you mr hat and clogs #bleach