27. south of detroit, canada. nodsquad. I like to watch too many anime series at once, draw faces with one line, paint pictures of girls, listen to the same albums on repeat forever (last.fm - well_ha_ha_ha - kind of lacking since my iphone wont scrobble), explore abandoned railroads, play the drums, and make stickers to slap up on pellissier between wyandotte & park st. i like to think of the streetlights as my own person gallery, just like i once used bike racks to display knitting. my instagram is the same username as here, if you want to be friends :) send me a message with your username so i can make sure to add you back :D

taylor, tarry looks very much like this, but glasses don’t seem to suit her. she’s like a little ocean haired Amelie.
4ever reglob

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4 u future taylor



4 u future taylor

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if i become a drug dealer i’m gonna say to my customers ‘now put THAT in your pipe and smoke it” and we’d all laugh and then i’d call the police because drugs are fucking illegal

pretty sure you’d get in more trouble for selling, unfunny tumbly.

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