27. south of detroit, canada. nodsquad. I like to watch too many anime series at once, draw faces with one line, paint pictures of girls, listen to the same albums on repeat forever (last.fm - well_ha_ha_ha - kind of lacking since my iphone wont scrobble), explore abandoned railroads, play the drums, and make stickers to slap up on pellissier between wyandotte & park st. i like to think of the streetlights as my own person gallery, just like i once used bike racks to display knitting. my instagram is the same username as here, if you want to be friends :) send me a message with your username so i can make sure to add you back :D

I’m so excited to use this for the next 16 months #agenda #diary #datebook (Taken with Instagram at In a Fence row)
  • 29 September 2012
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